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Helping You Navigate Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges can be one of life’s most daunting experiences. Whether it’s the stress of a DUI allegation, the anxiety surrounding an assault and battery charge or the uncertainty of a drug crime accusation, these moments challenge individuals and their families in profound ways. At John D. Schwalb, PLLC, I, John D. Schwalb, understand the gravity of your situation and am prepared to provide the robust legal support you require to navigate these turbulent times.

With over 35 years of experience practicing law in Franklin, I bring a client-focused, quality representation that is both meticulous and strategic. I engage with my clients closely, communicating with transparency and acting as your trusted adviser. My core values – honesty, understanding and integrity – are the cornerstones of my practice. At John D. Schwalb, PLLC, you will receive straightforward advice, tailored to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome.

Your Defense Across A Spectrum Of Criminal Charges

When it comes to criminal law, the stakes are invariably high, and the complexities are vast. Tennessee punishes crimes severely, and you may face hefty fines, time behind bars and serious implications on all aspects of your life. At John D. Schwalb, PLLC, I tackle a wide array of criminal law practice areas with the same determination and attention to detail.

I can provide experienced criminal defense in a variety of cases, including:

  • DUI defense: I understand the implications a DUI charge can have and work to minimize its impact on your life.
  • Burglary: From unlawful entry to intent to commit a crime, I dissect the prosecution’s case to defend your rights.
  • Drug Crimes: Whether you face possession, distribution or manufacturing charges, I handle drug crime defenses with precision.
  • Homicide: In facing the gravest of accusations, I bring a rigorous defense strategy to the table.
  • Weapons Possession: I navigate the nuances of weapons charges to protect your legal rights.
  • Federal and Financial Crimes: With the complexity of federal laws and financial crimes, I provide a defense that understands the federal system.
  • Domestic Violence: These sensitive cases are handled with care to ensure your voice is heard.
  • Theft: From petty theft to grand larceny, I work to present a defense that takes every detail into account.
  • Assault and Battery: I defend against charges ranging from simple scuffles to severe altercations, each requiring a tailored approach.
  • Sex Crimes: Sexual assault is an extremely sensitive matter. You can trust me to defend you from harsh accusations and bring justice.

In the face of criminal allegations, working with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible is crucial. Early legal counsel can significantly influence the course of your case.

Take Action With Experienced Legal Support

If you or a loved one is confronting criminal charges, time is of the essence. Contact John D. Schwalb, PLLC, immediately at 615-794-7100 or fill out my online contact form for a free consultation. I am here to listen, to advise and to stand by your side in the court of law.