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The world of civil and commercial litigation can be overwhelming and fraught with complexity. Whether you are grappling with the nuances of a real estate dispute, the intricacies of a fraud case or the delicate issues surrounding vaccine distribution, these legal challenges require a measured and authoritative approach. At John D. Schwalb, PLLC, based in Franklin, Tennessee, I, John D. Schwalb, provide the steadfast legal counsel you need to effectively navigate through these concerns.

Since 1985, I have spearheaded a wide range of cases as the principal lawyer, traversing the legal landscapes of state and federal courts throughout Tennessee and extending my reach from the federal courts of California to Florida, and Alabama to Indiana. I am licensed to practice before a variety of courts, including the United States Supreme Court and the United States Courts of Appeals for the 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th circuits. Additionally, my practice spans the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Tennessee, as well as the Tennessee Supreme Court, the Tennessee Court of Appeals and Tennessee trial courts.

I have been recognized for my ethical practice and professional capability with an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell© since 1994, the highest accolade available. This rating is a testament to my standing in both the Regular and Judicial Editions of Martindale-Hubbell©. Furthermore, I have been distinguished as a notable lawyer in the Expert Network© and have received nominations to Super Lawyers©, in conjunction with accolades specific to my areas of practice.

Civil And Commercial Litigation Experience You Can Trust

When legal disputes arise that cannot be resolved outside of court, you need a lawyer who is proficient in civil and commercial litigation. My courtroom experience is extensive, with over a hundred jury trials leading to verdicts and numerous bench trials. Some of my cases have set precedents on a national level. I have been a frequent figure in appellate courts, presenting arguments and briefs, and I have successfully resisted petitions for the Writ of Certiorari before the United States Supreme Court.

My clientele has been diverse, encompassing individuals, class groups, commercial enterprises, and government agencies. I have tackled a myriad of legal issues, including but not limited to international price-fixing, wrongful death cases and various federal law violations such as the WARN Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

At John D. Schwalb, PLLC, I can assist you with a wide range of civil and commercial litigation cases, including:

  • Probate: Guiding executors and beneficiaries through the complexities of estate administration and probate litigation.
  • Real Estate Disputes: Addressing conflicts involving property rights, boundary issues, and other real estate concerns.
  • Fraud: Confronting fraudulent activities, including vaccine fraud, with a strategic legal response.
  • Contract Disputes: Resolving disagreements over contract terms and enforcement to protect your interests.

My practice has also covered ERISA-related claims, employment discrimination, copyright disputes, insurance disagreements, breach of contract, fiduciary responsibilities, fraud allegations and civil rights issues pertinent to educational and electoral matters, law enforcement, and other public service sectors, including litigation regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Understanding the litigation process is critical, and working with an attorney who has a comprehensive grasp of legal strategies can significantly influence the outcome of your case. My approach is detailed and methodical, ensuring that I work closely with my clients, and fostering clear and open communication. As your trusted adviser, I am committed to the core values of honesty, understanding and integrity. My role is to be straightforward, guiding you with the truth you need for informed decisions.

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When you are faced with a legal dispute that demands court intervention, you need a seasoned attorney who can lead the charge. I invite you to reach out to John D. Schwalb, PLLC, for competent and determined legal representation. Contact me at 615-794-7100 or complete my online contact form. Let’s work together to meet your goals.